Amazon Gift Card

The More You Sell, The More You Earn!

The Trail’s End Online Prize Program is designed to reward Scouts for your fundraising efforts. You’re automatically enrolled just by having an online registered Scout account.

Sell $300 and receive a $15 gift card.

Sell $1,000 and receive a $50 gift card.

Sell $2,500 and receive a $125 gift card.

Plus, you’re eligible to receive 6% of total sales invested in a college scholarship.


How It Works

Earn 5% for every dollar sold online, over $300. It’s that simple!
Once you hit $300, you’ll be able to redeem your online sales for a $15 gift card. Or you can keep selling & then cash out for a higher value whenever you want. Then for every $20 you sell online, you’ll receive an additional $1 towards a gift card.


Benefits of Selling Online:

Less time and less effort spent selling.

No need to handle money.

Products are delivered directly to the consumer.

Online orders are nearly 4x higher than door-to-door orders.


Now the fun part begins. 

Register and start your Scouting adventure!