Use These Tips to Hit Your Goal

Log In and use the built-in sharing capabilities via email, social media, and text messaging!



•  Add a profile pic

•  Fill out your Scouting bio

•  Set a goal to fund your adventures, dues, and supplies

•  Choose a favorite product 

•  Add additional Scouting photos and videos


Social media

 •  Use images, videos, and live-streaming features

 •  Encourage your friends and family to share your posts 

 •  Send your URL via direct messages 

 •  Leverage your profile picture and cover photos

 •  Post 2-3 times per week, before 8am, between 12-3pm and 6-9pm



•  Build a list of contacts and keep track of who you emailed and when

 •  Use the Trail’s End email feature within your personalized selling webpage 

 •  Ask your parent(s) to email your URL to their co-workers

 •  Send emails on Tuesday or Thursday between 10-11am and 8-12pm



•  Have your parent(s) text your URL to friends and family

 •  Encourage your friends and family to share your URL

 •  Within your contact list, text your URL to one person from each letter of the alphabet 


Start your next adventure today!